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 My name is Dr Emma Kirke, I am an entrepreneur, the woman behind the MedicinalKitchen brand, I am a UK based Doctor of Osteomyology and Clinical Nutrition, I am a qualified Personal Trainer and a health, food and fitness blogger, I try to use my social media presence as a positive influencer.


I graduated with a degree in Osteopathic Medicine, and furthered my studies gaining a doctorate in Osteomyology. I then became a Clinical Nutritionist and a personal trainer. I have been running a very successful business and thriving clinics in the Yorkshire area since 2002. I was awarded Osteomyologist of the Year in 2012 and was the youngest practitioner to be given this honour, I was awarded the honorary title of Consultant in 2011 and was the first practitioner to be awarded this honour in the history of the science.


I began the MedicinalKitchen concept as a consequence of my own journey to health, overcoming the consequences of permanent spine and nerve damage and a diagnosis of breast cancer. I have battled through eating disorders including a 7 stone weight loss and from being 2 stones underweight. I wished to use it as a platform to show people that eating healthy can be enjoyable, uncomplicated and easily incorporated into a busy lifestyle such as my own. I also hoped that those following would take positivity from it and realise they could take some control back for themselves in their fight for health insight of whatever condition they may have by manipulating their food and fitness to have a positive impact.



My aim is to promote everyday health and a nourishing lifestyle that can be sustained and viewed as a balanced system that eliminates the existence of a perpetual “diet”.


Over the past 2 years since MedicinalKitchen began its life, I have been invited to IrishMuscle Power as a guest speaker and representative of Genetic Supplements. I was voted as runner up in the Unsung Hero category by the Yorkshire Evening Post, Runner up in the Inspirational Individual of the Year category at The Yorkshire Choice Awards. I have been asked to speak at several events as a motivational speaker. I have become a Cancer Research UK ambassador and appeared in several campaigns on their social media and billboards. I was featured in several national papers including the Daily Mail and Chat magazine following a post breast cancer operation photoshoot I did to promote a positive image for women. I have raised nearly £5000 for CRUK, the process of which included the release of a song, on which I provided guest vocals performed with a band called Bravado Cartel which reached number 33 in the UK download chart.


I was a finalist at the UKBlog awards 2017 and also a nominee in the finals of the Northern Blog Awards this coming September. 

I have appeared on several radio stations as a guest and provided a cookery demonstration for an easy   christmas dinner on a budget for Made in Leeds television. Consequently I am heading up the UK division of DivaDocs which required me to fly to Philadelphia recently to co-host 2 chat show episodes covering the topics of breast cancer and The Black Lives Matter Movement. DivaDocs is an award winning web based Radio and TV chat show hosted by female doctors addressing controversial and current topics.


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